Certified Crane Inspections and Wire Rope Assembly Replacement

Electrical Power and Control Wiring including Radio Controls

Complete crane inspection reports are followed after a complete inspection has been preformed. This will notify an owner of any deficiencies or corrections needed. One of the most common repairs are the wire rope assemblies which become kinked, twisted, and even broken during normal operation. 

Our Team of trained certified electricians can install, repair, or upgrade your present crane with new festoon cables, pendant cords, push button stations, and state of the art radio controls.


A small, hard-working crane inspection and repair company based in PA, established in 1995. We have accomplished our goals in specializing in 24-hour emergency service and repair to all of our local customers.

Load Block and Hook 

Load Testing

Load testing is if your electric break fails, a reliable load break will make the difference between safety and reliability, and unnecessary risks that may cost your company tremendous loss in time and money. After testing, the customer is provided with a certificate of inspection along with a detailed crane inspection check list that can be updated monthly. 

The load block and hook has many intricate parts which we inspect regulatory. Attention needs to be in the things you can not see such as thruster bearings and sheeve bearings which can all be removed for inspection.